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I really didn’t expect much from it. But, let me tell you, the picture quality was far better than my Xfinity cameras all over my house.

Sindhu K.
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How to Install Light Bulb Camera?

How to Install Light Bulb Camera?

1. Before plug in your bulb camera.

Things to prepare:

  • Bulb camera.
  • WiFi router.
  • Bulb base near WiFi.
  • Smart APP (Most of our cameras work with the Tuya APP, some don’t. The following steps are mainly based on the Tuya APP.)

2. Time to plug in your bulb camera.

Start by finding an available light bulb base near your WiFi router.

First and foremost, turn off the power.

There are 2 cases. First, if you want to take the light bulb off and put the camera back on, make sure the light bulb cools down before removing it. Second, use the provided bulb base and install it directly after turning off the power.

Screw in your bulb camera before powering on.

3. Setup your bulb camera.

Search for “Tuya” app in App Store/App Market, or scan the QR code below to download.

Tuya Smart App QR

1. Register / Log in with existing account

  • Register

If you do not have an App account yet, you can register an account or log in via SMS verification code. Please read the current page and the next page for the description of the registration process.

Click “Sign up”, enter the Privacy Policy page on the “Tuya” App, click to Agree, and enter the registration page for Email address.

Signup or login
Signup or login
Signup or login
  • Log in

If you have already registered an account, you can skip creating a new account, click “Log in”, and enter the log-in page.

(1) The system automatically selects the current Country/Region, or you can manually select the Country/Region.

(2) Enter your registered e-mail address, and enter your password to log in to the system.

Or log in with your Google account.

Enter Verification Code
Set Password
Log in

2. Add Device

QR code net-pairing (Recommended)

Some products only support a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. Some products only support a 5GHz Wi-Fi network. 

※App supports QR code net-pairing and Wi-Fi connection. You can choose to add the device by other options.(Figure 0)

※Power the camera, and you can hear the voice to remind you configure the network.

※When the mobile phone connecting to Wi-Fi, click “Add Device” (figure 1)on the Home of the App, select “Security & Video Surveillance”(figure 2)→ “Smart Camera”, click “next step” (figure 3).

QR Code WiFi Mode
Figure 0
Add Device
Figure 1
Camera Lock
Figure 2
Reset the Device
Figure 3

※Enter Wi-Fi account and password, click “Confirm” (figure 4).

※Hold the mobile phone screen in front of the camera (figure 5), the distance between the two should be 15 to 20 cm. (figure 5) Try not to shake the mobile phone during the scanning.

Select WiFi
Figure 4
Scan the QR Code
Figure 5
Connecting Device
Figure 6

※When you hear a prompt, click “I hear a Prompt”, and wait for connecting. (figure 6).

※Device added successfully, you can choose the device name and room scene.


Please make sure the mobile phone and device are connected to 2.4GHz router. Make sure the correct Wi-Fi password is entered.

If fail to add device, it is recommended to restart the device or power off the device, and try again.

Check for weak Wi-Fi signal. You can place the camera close to the router. If it still doesn’t work, reset the device, and add it again.

The device resetting only resets the camera’s network configuration and cannot change the configuration on the App. You must log in the App to delet the camera from the list.

It is recommended to insert and remove the SD card after power off the device. Check if the SD card is under normal service conditions and the format is FAT32. The App shall suggest “”could not find SD card”” under unstable network of the mobile phone or the device.

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