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I really didn’t expect much from it. But, let me tell you, the picture quality was far better than my Xfinity cameras all over my house.

Sindhu K.
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Light Bulb Camera Buying Guide

Light Bulb Camera Buying Guide

Not sure how to choose a security bulb camera? You can refer to the following points.

Appearance Design and Installation

Since the security camera is installed at home, some people will care about the appearance of the camera. JFCAM’s light bulb cameras come in many styles.

Choose the appearance from the purpose, if you want the camera hidden on the bulb, you can choose this hidden light bulb camera! The appearance is exactly the same as the light bulb, which can be completely integrated with the environment.

As for the installation, the installation method of the light bulb camera is relatively uniform. Just screw the camera onto the light socket.

Inside or Outside

Inside or Outdoor

Choose a security light bulb camera based on the environment you want to use.

Each security camera has a waterproof grades. If you choose to use it indoors, you don’t need to consider the waterproof level. Other functions can be used.

If you choose to use it outdoors, be sure to choose a camera with a waterproof rating of IP65 or higher. Of course, if you haven’t decided where to install the camera, choose a waterproof bulb camera!

360° Area Coverage

360° Surveillance Range

If you want a 360° surveillance range, there are two bulb cameras for you to choose from.

The panoramic 360° bulb camera ensures that you can monitor every corner. Buying a 360° camera is very important. If your camera is 180°, it might make you miss an intruder in your home.


The quality of a camera is largely in pixel resolution. Having a higher resolution allows you to monitor everything more clearly.

It is best to choose 1080P or 1440P.

Two-way Audio

Special Features

If you want to install the camera at home and use it to observe the elderly, children or pets at home. So whether the light bulb camera supports two-way audio is a very important consideration.

Two-way audio transmission allows you to communicate with your home wirelessly and in real time.

Motion Detection

If there is an intruder in your home, this light bulb camera with motion detection can do lens tracking based on the intruder’s movement and send an immediate alert to your phone.

A security light bulb camera with motion detection can better protect your property!

Night Vision Function

All of JFCAM’s light bulb cameras have night vision. Mainly divided into three types, infrared night vision, full-color night vision and intelligent night vision.

The camera with night vision function allows you to clearly monitor everything in your home at night! Infrared night vision is black and white.

Full-color night vision allows you to see the original colors. Smart night vision is that when someone appears, the picture automatically changes to full-color night vision.

WiFi Network

It is important to choose a light bulb security camera that supports WiFi connectivity. Whether it is a home or a business, there is a WiFi router installed. Using WiFi connection is more convenient and uninterrupted.


How to Store?

If you need to store the situation in your home, please choose a light bulb camera that supports TF/SD card.

JFCAM’s security light bulb camera can support 128G TF card or cloud storage. It is very convenient to store.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Light Bulb Security Camera

Light bulb cameras with infrared night vision and full-color night vision won’t light up at night unless you control the lights on and off with your phone. A camera with smart night vision can intelligently control the lights on and off. When someone passes by, the light will automatically turn on.

Monitor everything in your home or business in real time, no matter where you are!

Easiest to install, easiest to connect, and small in size, are you sure you don’t buy one?

Not at all. You just need to buy it and install it. The related APP is also free and will not charge you a cent.

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