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I really didn’t expect much from it. But, let me tell you, the picture quality was far better than my Xfinity cameras all over my house.

Sindhu K.
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FAQ of Light Bulb Camera

Get to know about light bulb camera

WiFi Light Bulb Camera
Get to know about light bulb camera.

A light bulb camera is a camera that can be mounted on the base of a light bulb. It has the function of a light bulb and also a camera.

High resolution, high pixel, support full color night vision and infrared night vision, and support mobile phone wireless control bulb camera is the best! You can check out our wifi light bulb camera.

Its size is very small, only about 6.5*15cm. The part where it connects to the power supply is the E27’s bulb base. Because the connection is the same as a light bulb, it is called a light bulb camera.

Yes! You are browsing the JFCAM store. All JFCAM cameras are light bulb cameras.

Yes. This light bulb camera works very conveniently. You can use it to conveniently monitor your home.

It can meet the needs of ordinary people for home monitoring. High pixels, easy installation, and APP control, these points can attract many people.

Yes. Our light bulb cameras have full-color night vision and IR night vision.

how to use a light bulb camera?

How to use a light bulb camera?

After successful installation, download the required APP. Complete the setup according to the instructions.

Take the ceiling bulb off and screw the bulb camera onto the bulb base. Remember, you need to turn off the power before doing this.

Register an account on the APP, and add a device after logging in. Devices can be added by scanning the QR code.

After everything is installed and set up. You can wirelessly control the camera’s lens direction through the APP to observe the place you want to observe.

It’s simple to use. After installation, the home can be observed in real time through the APP and the camera has the function of automatic recording. If the camera detects a stranger breaking in, it can automatically send an alarm to your phone.

There is a reset button behind the camera.

Frequently asked questions

As long as the power supply is not disconnected, the camera will continue to work. If the lights are off, the night vision is infrared night vision, and it’s also very clear.

Yes. You can find a light bulb camera here from JFCAM!

You can directly access your security bulb camera wirelessly through the APP.

Some can. There are bulb cameras with flood lights that will do what you need.

Only cameras that support waterproofing can be used outdoors. You can directly view our outdoor light bulb cameras.

Some security light bulb cameras are 4G communication.

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